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Edit, Sign, Create, Manage, or Share PDF files with the Comoe Editor. A free Comoe Account registration or email address is not required.

The Comoe Editor not only works as a standalone Editor but also as part of Form File links posted on web sites, social media, or placed into emails. Comoe enables a user or visitor to click a Form File link and have it open directly in the Comoe Editor.  The completed Form Files can be submitted to the file owner for further processing or collaboration. Service details


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Comoe Editor Features

Once your File is loaded into the Comoe Editor you can Edit, Sign, Insert, or Rotate Pages. Then, you can Save, Download, or Share the File with recipients that do not have a Comoe account. For more File management features, sign-up for a free account from this page or later from inside the Editor. Find out why collaborating and sharing a PDF file with sensitive data is more secure on Comoe than using traditional email attachments. Did you know Comoe enables you to collect or fetch Form File data from any link on a website, email, or social media post you manage?

Comoe Editor Icons, Descriptions

The Comoe Editor will display different features based on the PDF file type.

Comoe Editor Features
Editor Icon
Editor Feature
Click to open the Text, Date, Check Mark, Line, Redact, and Overwrite Features
Choose to Download your Form File, Print, Share, Or Save it to Dropbox/Google Drive.
Click on Text, drag it to the desired location on the Form, enter Text, Characters. Use the controls to edit the Text.
From left to right: 1. Font Size Increase 2. Normal Font Size 3. Font Size Decrease 4. Bold Font 5.Copy Text 6. Delete Text 7. Save Text
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Click on Date, drag it on the Form. Enter a date manually or select a date from the date tool. For a detailed description of the controls see the Text field.
Click and drag the Check mark field it to the desired location on the PDF Form File. A click will move the Check mark to the new location. Click Save in the control to store the Check mark.
Click and drag the Cross mark field to a desired location on the PDF Form File. Click Save in the control to store the Cross mark.
Drag the Line field to a desired location on the PDF Form File.
Drag the Redact field to a desired location on the PDF Form File. This can be resized by using the arrows that appear over the bottom right corner of the control.
Drag the Overwrite field to erase existing Text and add new Text. Overwrite will only Save if new Text is added.
First, click on Sign and create your signature(s), then click done. Select your signature from the dropdown box and drag it to the desired location on the Form File. Increase or decrease the signature field as needed and click Save to store the signature on the form. Comoe account users can store signatures and do not have to create them for each new File.
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Click to open these Page Display features: Next or Previous Page Navigation, Thumbnail view, Page Width or Zoom, Search Text.
Page Navigation
Click one of the arrows and Navigate to the Next or Previous pages in the File.
Thumbnail View
Click to open Thumbnail view on the left side of your page. Clicking on a page in the Thumbnail view will display that page in the Editor.
Page Width, Zoom
This feature is currently only available in View mode. Will become available in Edit soon.
Click to Search, enter text you want to search for in the current File. Text matches will be highlighted.
Click to open additional tools: Insert, Combine or Rotate and Page/File Delete.
Insert, Combine
Click Insert, Combine and follow the on-screen instructions. You can combine files by inserting a new File either before or after the selected page number.
Rotate enables you to rotate an individual page or all pages. Sorry, no range rotation available yet. Keep checking for the next upgrade.
Delete speaks for itself. You can delete one page, or the entire file. After deleting the entire file, it's gone. No recovery, no backup on Comoe. We are planning a Trash Can for the next release. Tip: If you want to keep a local copy click the Save first and then delete your File. 
Click Help and select/click a Comoe feature. An interactive functional Help screen will guide you through the selected feature.
Your Save options are: Save to Comoe. Save to Local Device. Or, save to other cloud platforms. If you want to share, collaborate, edit later, select Save to Comoe.
Do we have to say more to all you paper lovers? :)
Share Basic
No more email PDF attachments. Click Share and enter the recipient's email address and click send. The recipient will receive a Comoe email with your Notes in it - if you leave one - and a link to the PDF. A simple click will give the recipient access to the file for 24 hours. After that the file will be deleted from Comoe. If this doesn't work for you and you wish to manage your file share expiration date/time etc. sign up for a free Comoe account and have access to many more share configuration options and features. If you are an organization with one or more websites the Comoe Pro File Manager might be perfect for you to manage your Forms, and collect Form Data. Check it out.
Save to Cloud
Select Google Drive or Dropbox to store your files. One Drive will become available in the future.
Leave the Comoe editor and return to homepage.


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A Few Nerdy Tips on Different PDF File Types

1. PDF Image/Text File cannot be searched by an editor. The file is also referred to as a non-fillable flat file. If you scan a page and save it as PDF, it's most likely only an image file. You wold have to use an Optical Character Reader (OCR) to make it searchable.

2. Electronic PDF File can be searched. If you save a Word file to a PDF file, it's searchable with a PDF editor.

3. Fillable PDF file has predefined form fields that can be edited by the user. The file is also referred to as a Form File. Some fillable PDF files also have text sections (e.g. signature, date, etc.) that are not fillable as other form fields.

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