Secure Form, File Collection, Collaboration and Sharing

Lets you Edit, Sign, Share, and Store PDF files. Access the Comoe Editor from a local device or copy/paste any PDF link from anywhere (e.g. websites, emails, social media, etc.). Details
Convert various file formats to PDF. Access, Edit, Sign, and Share the PDF file. Start your File conversion.
Comoe Form File lets you collect PDF forms and form data through external .pdf link files. Details
Pick from three share options. EditorShare - for anybody who uses the Comoe Editor. No registration, simply enter the recipient email address and click send. A link to the Comoe shared file will be sent - not as an email attachment. PrimeShare and SubShare are available via Personal and PRO Form File Managers. 
Search public Form Files, and complete them with the Comoe Editor. Then share them as a File Link - not attachment - with anybody. Add PDF Files to your personal PDF Library or the public Comoe Library.
Security is an important consideration when sharing Form Files. Find a detailed overview of the Comoe Security measures.
Editing, signing, and basic sharing of a PDF File is free. Creating a Comoe account is free and includes the Comoe Personal Form File Manager with Form File Storage, Editing, Advanced Sharing, CoFetch (which is a form of receiving Form Files via a link you manage. The number of Form Files in your Personal Form File Manager is currently not limited. From the Personal Form File Manager, you can upgrade to the Pro Form File Manager.  Pricing Details. 
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